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I am taking an online course this summer from Stanford University entitled “How to Learn Math”.

I am learning many useful ideas that I can use in my classroom. The last lesson was about the importance of mistakes. Mistakes actually can create new synapses in our brain. Mistakes are important for learning, persistence, and life.

So I am off to set up a classroom environment that makes it okay to make mistakes.


Kindergarten Graduation Reception

Today was our school’s Kindergarten graduation. After graduation, the school hosts a reception for our kindergarten’s graduates and their families.

This year for decorations we took pictures of the kids and cut them out into 4″ circles. Then we cut a 5″ diameter circle cut out with decorative scissors of construction paper. We glued the pictures on. The construction paper, punched a hole in the top and tied with ribbon.

Then we took a branch from outside and spray painted it white. This takes a lot of white.

We put the brach in a tall black vase. To keep it standing up, fill it with bird seed and then scatter it in the grass when you are done for the birds to eat.