This afternoon, Tinkerbell and I were in town getting our back to school haircuts, enrolling in dance, and visiting with Amy at my school.

Daddy stayed home with Peter Pan. It was nap time and Dad was able to make some homemade banana nut bread while Peter Pan slept.

When we got home, the house smelled yummy. I guess Peter Pan had all of the delicious aromas he could handle though. When I wasn’t looking and his Daddy left the kitchen, Peter Pan rushed into the kitchen and grabbed an entire loaf of banana bread. I looked up to see Peter Pan with the loaf in both hands and eating as fast as he could from the middle.

Yes, this is the eaten banana nut bread. Obviously it is super yummy.

And this is the food scavenge. Peter Pan devours yummy goodness whenever, wherever, and however he can find it!!!


P – nano

Thanks to a friend of the family, we now have a piano (which the kids call “p-nano”) in the living room. Tinkerbell and Peter Pan are vey excited. Their daddy told them they had to be able to recognize their numbers 1-5 before they could learn to play a song so we studied them tonight. Then their daddy sat with each if them and showed them how to play a scale while they counted 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. Tinkerbell and Peter Pan also did a little free play while they sang their favorite made-up songs.


Dragons and Tigers

We are enjoying our summer vacation and trying not to think of school quickly approaching.

This week we are determined to organize our house. ūüėĚ Our house is such a disaster and organization is really not my thing, but I want to be better. Anyway, I’m working on the laundry and my husband is matching socks.

Tinkerbell and Peter Pan have been playing really well together this morning. They read their photo books for a long time. They played with Legos for a while.

Their most recent adventures were in make believe. They put on hats from Tinkerbell’s drawer and transformed into scary dragons. They like to ROAR! They roared at their Dad, and then the dragons came and roared at me.



I was trying to be saved from the scary dragons. (You can only handle so much roaring.). When I couldn’t convince them to switch roles, I told them that it was nap time for dragons. Tinkerbell decided to stop being a dragon and instead be a princess saving me from dragons. Peter Pan decided to be a tiger. He still got to roar, but I didn’t say nap time for tigers.



I am taking an online course this summer from Stanford University entitled “How to Learn Math”.

I am learning many useful ideas that I can use in my classroom. The last lesson was about the importance of mistakes. Mistakes actually can create new synapses in our brain. Mistakes are important for learning, persistence, and life.

So I am off to set up a classroom environment that makes it okay to make mistakes.

Who needs Superman?

We have just recently returned from our Disney vacation. While on our trip I was reminded often about how awesome my husband is. He is such a great Dad. Our first full day at Disney began with us split up. Tinkerbell and I were in Bibbity Bobbity Boutique at Downtown Disney while my husband and Peter Pan began the day at Epcot. After about a couple of hours my husband calls to check in on us and you could hear the emotion in his voice. He was telling me of Peter Pan’s first meeting with Mickey Mouse and then his ride with Nemo. When we met up with them later that day, he proudly showed everyone the video of Peter Pan’s meet and greet with Mickey, Minnie, and Pluto. His joy matched Peter Pan’s joy.


The entire trip his magical memories centered on our children’s happiness and enthusiasm. His vacation was perfect because of all the fun our children had.

On the way home this was the picture I looked over and saw on he plane.


Who needs Superman when you have a Dad like this?

Kindergarten Graduation Reception

Today was our school’s Kindergarten graduation. After graduation, the school hosts a reception for our kindergarten’s graduates and their families.

This year for decorations we took pictures of the kids and cut them out into 4″ circles. Then we cut a 5″ diameter circle cut out with decorative scissors of construction paper. We glued the pictures on. The construction paper, punched a hole in the top and tied with ribbon.

Then we took a branch from outside and spray painted it white. This takes a lot of white.

We put the brach in a tall black vase. To keep it standing up, fill it with bird seed and then scatter it in the grass when you are done for the birds to eat.


Zoom, Zoom to the Zoo

It’s Spring Break, and we just checked off visiting the zoo on our Spring Break list. ¬†We have a family membership because we love to go to the zoo so much. ¬†


The Tram Ride

My aunt and nephew joined us on our trip today.  Tinkerbell was SO excited.  She loves her cousin and her aunt.  We finally got to take the tram.  We have been meaning to do this for a year and every time the line is too long or we are just to plum tuckered out.  But this time we did it perfect.  We started on the tram this time, rode the tram back to the new elephant enclosure, and then got off there.  We got to see the giraffes and zebras without the extra long hike.  

The baby elephant is about to be two, but she doesn’t really seem so big. ¬†Peter Pan loves the elephants. ¬†He was singing the Barney song, “El-ephant!” and waiving his arm like a trunk. ¬†Tinkerbell thanked God tonight for the elephants. ¬†



Then it was snack time, already.  Daddy was nice enough to get up early this morning to make us all breakfast, snacks, and lunch!



We also got to see the brand new baby gorilla.  The mom looked so loving while we were there!


Then on to more animals……We saw the tigers,


the lions,


rhinos, hippo, and after lunch the meerkats. ¬†Tinkerbell loves them too……Dig a tunnel, dig, dig, a tunnel………..

We had a picnic lunch and then rode the carousel.  


Finally, we ended the day with the sea lion show….

ImageAll in all, it was a great Spring Break day with our kids!!!!!!!  We love the zoo.

On the way home, Tinkerbell’s cousin taught her to each a corn dog (which she calls cornbread).