Frozen Inspired Felt Board

On the day before Thanksgiving Day, the girls (Tinkerbell, Kinsey, Aunt Courtney, Nana, & I) went to see Frozen. Tinkerbell loved it, especially Olaf, the adorable and funny snowman.

Over our Snow Days, we have been watching the little clips Disney has on their Roku channel. Tinkerbell laughs every time she sees Olaf. He has stolen her heart right now. She said, “I wish I could be in the movie so I could touch him”. She also loves the music from Frozen. She has been singing “Let it Go”.

Last night I couldn’t sleep with all of the giddy school girl excitement of another snow day today. I made the kids a felt board by covering a bulletin board with batting and then blue felt. I then attached the felt board to their bookcase shelf with hooks and eyes.

Then I cut out a snowman inspired by Olaf.

Since the kids couldn’t go out and play because it was too cold, they had fun building their indoor snowman.


I’m partying here today Skip To My Lou.


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One thought on “Frozen Inspired Felt Board

  1. Judy December 10, 2013 at 4:12 am

    I love Olaf too, very cute blog and great idea for the felt board. I must agree with Tinkerbell, the music of Frozen was wonderful.

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