Snow Days 2013 {Day 2}

Since the kids played so well yesterday with Chip & Dale, I thought another Snow Day present would bring harmony and merriment to Day 2. Peter Pan woke up ornery. Peter Pan is all boy: fearless, strong, and rowdy. Now don’t get me wrong; he isn’t bad. He just needs to be watched close to keep him safe. He is such a problem solver, but how he solves his problems sometimes is a bit too wreckless for me.

We woke up to a beautiful blanket of snow. This was Peter Pan’s first snow. He bad big plans. Snow angels and build Frosty were the top do the list. Unfortunately, the temperature was in the teens and the windchill was in the single digits. Peter Pan was not going to get to play in the snow. While I was talking to my mom that morning, she said it was too cold to play in the snow. So every time Peter Pan asked to play in the snow, I said, “Nana, said it was too cold to go outside.” I guess this appeased him. Nana never says no so sonce Nana said no I guess he figured it must be serious.

Anyway, after my gross breakfast I made for this morning, we ended up just having plain toast and bacon. Then I told the kids if they cleaned the living room and their bedrooms, they could have another snow day present. (I know I’m setting a horrible precedence here.) They cleaned pretty quickly and then sat down in their footed pajamas to open their present. Tinkerbell calls them “the cutest twins in the world” when they both wear their footed pajamas.

20131207-195259.jpg Later here is Tinkerbell and Peter Pan playing with their new toys.

20131207-141555.jpg The kids played and played. Tinkerbell saw her stuffed animal patients and even checked out Mommy. She played with Figaro. Peter Pan loved his trucks. Daddy and him raced them and drove them like crazy. He liked his trucks, but he also liked his sister’s doctor stuff. This at time was a bit of a problem.

While the kids were busy playing, they had turned the hallway into their doctor office. Tinkerbell said that she wished there was a door into the hallway. I got a tension rod out and sewed a pocket on our painting fabric. Hung this “door up” and then the fun continued.

The performances began

Peter Pan loved playing his guitar and singing song mash-ups. I loved spending my snow day in my pajamas playing with my kids. Tinkerbell loved imaging and dreaming up new things to play.

What another great day, a gift from God.


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One thought on “Snow Days 2013 {Day 2}

  1. Judy December 8, 2013 at 3:06 am

    Are their performances a movie also? Would love to see those. Glad your snow day was great.

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