Snow Days 2013 {Day 1}

I get giddy at the talk of snow. When it snows here, the town shuts down. We hardly ever get snow so in our world it is a disaster. When the weather men talk of snow and ice, people rush in droves to the grocery store and clear the shelves. Anyway, we got the call at about 6am that school was canceled today because of weather conditions. I was so excited I couldn’t even go back to sleep. Peter Pan was already awake today. We watched Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and Colby’s Clubhouse. When Tinkerbell woke up we took a bath.

After we were nice, clean, warm, I gave them their snow day present.

The kids put on their new Gap pajamas and spent the rest of the day playing with their new Christmas Chip and Dale.
In my snow day excitement I got all of the laundry done in the entire house. I also cooked breakfast (little smokies in a blanket), lunch (turkey soup), and dinner (spaghetti pie). Peter Pan and his father did not like lunch at all, but Tinkerbell and I thought it was yummy! Don’t worry Peter Pan loved dinner so much he had three plate fulls! I even made one of those breakfast casseroles that has to sit overnight, and then you cook it the next morning (French toast casserole). Unfortunately, everyone thought this was disgusting!

Peter Pan loved Chip & Dale so much that when we took a bath that night he tried to give Dale a bath too. The sad part is that Dale is Tinkerbell’s and now it is almost bedtime and her new favorite stuffed animal is soaking wet. Peter Pan would not share his Chip because he “lo-o-o-ves” his Chip. We’ll we finally got to sleep despite the Chip and Dale drama.

We already have exciting plans for tomorrow, another Snow Day!


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