Family Craft Turkey

At Tinkerbell’s school they sent home her first “homework” assignment: decorate a turkey together as a family. This has been an assignment I have been looking forward to and dreading. Tinkerbell and I love to craft but was I going to be able to send her to school with just a scribbled on turkey? Oh what a dilemma!

I scrounged around the house for supplies and cut out the turkey as was instructed. I traced all of the pieces of the turkey on a separate sheet of paper in case we messed up. Then I glued brown velveteen fabric to the turkey’s middle leaving room to stuff it.

Yesterday, Tinkerbell and I began making the turkey.

She got all of the feathers out and organized them by color. Then I squeezed glue out on the feathers part of the paper, and she added the feathers. Once she glued one row of feathers on she bored of this activity. I finished gluing feathers on as she colored the turkey’s tail feathers and feet.

Then Tinkerbell started stuffing the turkey just like Build a Bear had to hand stuff her My Little Pony. This was big fun she said. She stuffed and stuffed and stuffed until the body could not hold any more and then she squeezed in three more pieces.

To give the turkey a pleasing holiday aroma we took sandpaper and rubbed a cinnamon stick on it. Then I cut out the head and neck. She didn’t like the look of this so she just colored the white paper brown with a marker and when I glued it on the turkey I out the sandpaper behind it.

Tinkerbell really wanted some glitter. She colored the feet, beak, bottom, and the gobbler. Then we covered them in puff paint or glue. Tinkerbell GLITTERED! (The hard part of this was waiting for it to dry.)

Tinkerbell colored the wings brown front and back. She protested the coloring of the back but did it. Then we attached yarn to the wings and glued it all together.

The final pieces added was a google eye and bow for the turkey’s hair.


Our turkey




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One thought on “Family Craft Turkey

  1. Judy November 4, 2013 at 5:39 am

    Tinkerbell and mommie, what a nice turkey! I bet it is the best turkey ever made by a four year old and her mom. Love, Nana

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