Painting Pumpkins

Today after nap, the kids and I painted pumpkins. Peter Pan was all about getting as much paint on his pumpkin as possible. His pumpkin is mostly green for Peter Pan with little bit of white and brown. While he was painting his pumpkin he kept saying, “I’m painting my pumpkin for Nana. I’m painting my pumpkin for Nana.”

Tinkerbell painted two pumpkins, using every paint color I brought outside, but mostly purple and pink. Those are who two favorite colors. The wind was blowing a bit reminding you that it was fall. We talked about our Fall Break coming up. Tinkerbell is working on first and next and time order at school. So she said, “First we are going to paint our pumpkins, then we are going to eat dinner, take a bath, clean our rooms, and watch a show. Then it will be nap time. Then we will go to school. Then we will come home, watch a show, eat dinner, watch a show and take a nap again. Then we will go to school. Then after that nap it will be fall break. We will go to the zoo, then the museum, paint, and color.” Anyway just sitting on the patio it was just an oozy gooey moment you can’ put into words, but painting pumpkins will becoming a family tradition from now on.

When the kids were satisfied with their pumpkins, I sprayed glitter on them and we let them dry. Then the kids played in the backyard, running around like crazy. It started to rain a bit, but no one cared. We just played. Thank you, God, for a wonderful bee-utiful day. (This is what Grace prays often.)





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One thought on “Painting Pumpkins

  1. Judy October 22, 2013 at 3:34 am

    Thank you Peter Pan for painting a pumpkin for me, I think it looks perfect. Tinkerbell your pumpkin is bee-utiful, just like you.

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