Speedy Delivery

Tonight we were getting our Valentines cards ready for school. Peter Pan wanted to make a few speedy deliveries. He made a special Valentine for his Granddad and for Colton. Peter Pan and I went to their houses. He got out of the car and asked me to help him put the Valentines in the mailboxes. Then he shut the mailbox doors and raises the flags. He was so proud of himself!


Frozen Inspired Felt Board

On the day before Thanksgiving Day, the girls (Tinkerbell, Kinsey, Aunt Courtney, Nana, & I) went to see Frozen. Tinkerbell loved it, especially Olaf, the adorable and funny snowman.

Over our Snow Days, we have been watching the little clips Disney has on their Roku channel. Tinkerbell laughs every time she sees Olaf. He has stolen her heart right now. She said, “I wish I could be in the movie so I could touch him”. She also loves the music from Frozen. She has been singing “Let it Go”.

Last night I couldn’t sleep with all of the giddy school girl excitement of another snow day today. I made the kids a felt board by covering a bulletin board with batting and then blue felt. I then attached the felt board to their bookcase shelf with hooks and eyes.

Then I cut out a snowman inspired by Olaf.

Since the kids couldn’t go out and play because it was too cold, they had fun building their indoor snowman.


I’m partying here today Skip To My Lou.

Snow Days 2013 {Day 2}

Since the kids played so well yesterday with Chip & Dale, I thought another Snow Day present would bring harmony and merriment to Day 2. Peter Pan woke up ornery. Peter Pan is all boy: fearless, strong, and rowdy. Now don’t get me wrong; he isn’t bad. He just needs to be watched close to keep him safe. He is such a problem solver, but how he solves his problems sometimes is a bit too wreckless for me.

We woke up to a beautiful blanket of snow. This was Peter Pan’s first snow. He bad big plans. Snow angels and build Frosty were the top do the list. Unfortunately, the temperature was in the teens and the windchill was in the single digits. Peter Pan was not going to get to play in the snow. While I was talking to my mom that morning, she said it was too cold to play in the snow. So every time Peter Pan asked to play in the snow, I said, “Nana, said it was too cold to go outside.” I guess this appeased him. Nana never says no so sonce Nana said no I guess he figured it must be serious.

Anyway, after my gross breakfast I made for this morning, we ended up just having plain toast and bacon. Then I told the kids if they cleaned the living room and their bedrooms, they could have another snow day present. (I know I’m setting a horrible precedence here.) They cleaned pretty quickly and then sat down in their footed pajamas to open their present. Tinkerbell calls them “the cutest twins in the world” when they both wear their footed pajamas.

20131207-195259.jpg Later here is Tinkerbell and Peter Pan playing with their new toys.

20131207-141555.jpg The kids played and played. Tinkerbell saw her stuffed animal patients and even checked out Mommy. She played with Figaro. Peter Pan loved his trucks. Daddy and him raced them and drove them like crazy. He liked his trucks, but he also liked his sister’s doctor stuff. This at time was a bit of a problem.

While the kids were busy playing, they had turned the hallway into their doctor office. Tinkerbell said that she wished there was a door into the hallway. I got a tension rod out and sewed a pocket on our painting fabric. Hung this “door up” and then the fun continued.

The performances began

Peter Pan loved playing his guitar and singing song mash-ups. I loved spending my snow day in my pajamas playing with my kids. Tinkerbell loved imaging and dreaming up new things to play.

What another great day, a gift from God.

Snow Days 2013 {Day 1}

I get giddy at the talk of snow. When it snows here, the town shuts down. We hardly ever get snow so in our world it is a disaster. When the weather men talk of snow and ice, people rush in droves to the grocery store and clear the shelves. Anyway, we got the call at about 6am that school was canceled today because of weather conditions. I was so excited I couldn’t even go back to sleep. Peter Pan was already awake today. We watched Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and Colby’s Clubhouse. When Tinkerbell woke up we took a bath.

After we were nice, clean, warm, I gave them their snow day present.

The kids put on their new Gap pajamas and spent the rest of the day playing with their new Christmas Chip and Dale.
In my snow day excitement I got all of the laundry done in the entire house. I also cooked breakfast (little smokies in a blanket), lunch (turkey soup), and dinner (spaghetti pie). Peter Pan and his father did not like lunch at all, but Tinkerbell and I thought it was yummy! Don’t worry Peter Pan loved dinner so much he had three plate fulls! I even made one of those breakfast casseroles that has to sit overnight, and then you cook it the next morning (French toast casserole). Unfortunately, everyone thought this was disgusting!

Peter Pan loved Chip & Dale so much that when we took a bath that night he tried to give Dale a bath too. The sad part is that Dale is Tinkerbell’s and now it is almost bedtime and her new favorite stuffed animal is soaking wet. Peter Pan would not share his Chip because he “lo-o-o-ves” his Chip. We’ll we finally got to sleep despite the Chip and Dale drama.

We already have exciting plans for tomorrow, another Snow Day!

Family Craft Turkey

At Tinkerbell’s school they sent home her first “homework” assignment: decorate a turkey together as a family. This has been an assignment I have been looking forward to and dreading. Tinkerbell and I love to craft but was I going to be able to send her to school with just a scribbled on turkey? Oh what a dilemma!

I scrounged around the house for supplies and cut out the turkey as was instructed. I traced all of the pieces of the turkey on a separate sheet of paper in case we messed up. Then I glued brown velveteen fabric to the turkey’s middle leaving room to stuff it.

Yesterday, Tinkerbell and I began making the turkey.

She got all of the feathers out and organized them by color. Then I squeezed glue out on the feathers part of the paper, and she added the feathers. Once she glued one row of feathers on she bored of this activity. I finished gluing feathers on as she colored the turkey’s tail feathers and feet.

Then Tinkerbell started stuffing the turkey just like Build a Bear had to hand stuff her My Little Pony. This was big fun she said. She stuffed and stuffed and stuffed until the body could not hold any more and then she squeezed in three more pieces.

To give the turkey a pleasing holiday aroma we took sandpaper and rubbed a cinnamon stick on it. Then I cut out the head and neck. She didn’t like the look of this so she just colored the white paper brown with a marker and when I glued it on the turkey I out the sandpaper behind it.

Tinkerbell really wanted some glitter. She colored the feet, beak, bottom, and the gobbler. Then we covered them in puff paint or glue. Tinkerbell GLITTERED! (The hard part of this was waiting for it to dry.)

Tinkerbell colored the wings brown front and back. She protested the coloring of the back but did it. Then we attached yarn to the wings and glued it all together.

The final pieces added was a google eye and bow for the turkey’s hair.


Our turkey



Painting Pumpkins

Today after nap, the kids and I painted pumpkins. Peter Pan was all about getting as much paint on his pumpkin as possible. His pumpkin is mostly green for Peter Pan with little bit of white and brown. While he was painting his pumpkin he kept saying, “I’m painting my pumpkin for Nana. I’m painting my pumpkin for Nana.”

Tinkerbell painted two pumpkins, using every paint color I brought outside, but mostly purple and pink. Those are who two favorite colors. The wind was blowing a bit reminding you that it was fall. We talked about our Fall Break coming up. Tinkerbell is working on first and next and time order at school. So she said, “First we are going to paint our pumpkins, then we are going to eat dinner, take a bath, clean our rooms, and watch a show. Then it will be nap time. Then we will go to school. Then we will come home, watch a show, eat dinner, watch a show and take a nap again. Then we will go to school. Then after that nap it will be fall break. We will go to the zoo, then the museum, paint, and color.” Anyway just sitting on the patio it was just an oozy gooey moment you can’ put into words, but painting pumpkins will becoming a family tradition from now on.

When the kids were satisfied with their pumpkins, I sprayed glitter on them and we let them dry. Then the kids played in the backyard, running around like crazy. It started to rain a bit, but no one cared. We just played. Thank you, God, for a wonderful bee-utiful day. (This is what Grace prays often.)




Taking a Bath

Tonight at dinner, I look up and Peter Pan has his elbow in his macaroni and cheese (well just the sauce that was left because he already ate the macaroni). I said, “What are you doing with exasperation and amazement.

Peter Pan said, “It’s taking a bath. Look, mom.” Then he preceded to “bath” his elbow in the cheese sauce.

What do you say to that? I mean he couldn’t believe that I didn’t know exactly what his elbow was doing just by looking at it and I couldn’t believe that he was doing that!